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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by edson1314, Dec 7, 2010.

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    hiya all,
    I am preparing to encounter with an small business owner who designed an internet business centered on marketing and marketing companies who market eco-friendly "eco" dietary supplements and services. We occur to be communicating by means of electric mail and technique to encounter for lunch up coming week. Her business is essentially a really tiny amazon sort on the internet business but only for eco-friendly products. I like her notion and she has long been operating concerning the business for two years. From what she has informed me she has used a bad turn in wellness and cant look after the business substantially lengthier so she would like to market it. I am fascinated inside the business as well as the website intrigues me but I have some proplems:

    - I will by no signifies provide her near to what she is asking using the company, and I think no just one else will either.

    -I don't have any come upon with an on the internet business at all. So I would need a partner who is savy with dot com sort business.

    Any ideas can be great. I am preparing as of now to create a proposition with her. She says that she certainly believes inside the business and would like to decide it realize success but cant hold on to operate it. So I am pondering of asking for equity inside the business and getting greater than supervision but nonetheless leaving her finding a massive steak inside the company. she would show me the ins and outs and reveal her recommendations and I would research substantially more about this business and how she has long been operating it. In trade I would allow her retain a massive amount of equity permanently even although I at some place hold greater than managemnt completely and she can just at some place market out her equity or retain it and work as an advisor. I think I have some superb recommendations using the business but need a mentor as much as learn to operate and navigate an on the internet venture. (Im not completely dumb with regards to engineering and internet, but im not protected adequate to operate a dot com on my confidential either). Does this appear like a terrible offer for her?
    p.s i am aware you will most most likely desire to decide the business but I want some suggestions first.
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    It sounds like an interesting proposition edson1314.

    Do you have any knowledge of the ""eco dietary supplements" business and what is it about this particular business that attracts you?

    Is the business owner someone you know personally?

    Your proposed deal might be just what she is looking for, because it will allow her a lot more free time but still give her an income source and a role in the business. However, you obviously won't know until you ask her. If you do go ahead with this proposition I would strongly recommend that you get everything in writing and that you both sign a detailed agreement. This could save a lot of stress and misunderstanding later on. Also make sure you get verified sales and profit figures from the business before agreeing to anything. You want to ensure that the business is a as strong and as profitable as she says it is.

    Please do post back with your thoughts and good luck with it.

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