A quick technique to improve sales, using NLP

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    I wrote an article for the blog today about just one quick way you can improve your sales with NLP. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

    One of the most obvious applications of NLP is selling products or services. Many people rely on the ability to sell something for their daily bread, and you already can see the difference that it will make when you learn to sell MORE, faster, and easily. Those of you who are REALLY ready to be successful are already HUNGRY for an example of this technology, that you can begin using right away, because it triggers something EXCITING, all the way down to your bones. Well, read on!

    When you study NLP, you learn to understand the influence of the subconscious mind on behavior, such as making the decision to actually BUY, and you reach an understanding of how to powerfully communicate with the subconscious mind, to IMMEDIATELY deliver that message.

    One powerful technique that you can begin to use TODAY, to improve your sales, is a combination of what we call “state elicitation” and “future pacing”.

    In state elicitation, you bring a select mental state to the forefront of the mind. For example, most people can remember a time they felt EXCITED about something. If you can remember when you were excited, then see how many of the details you can also remember. What do you look like when you feel excited? What kind of things do you hear inside your mind as you're feeling excited? Now... What kind of mental images do you see as you feel excited? What would it be like to feel EVEN MORE excited? Now, you can probably imagine how intensely you'll be feeling after you've studied NLP and gotten REALLY good at doing this.

    Future pacing is a technique in which you mentally go and see what the future will be like. Now that you've elicited a state, the idea is to go forward and see what it will have been like, AFTER you've already made your decision, in this case your decision is to BUY.

    Here's how it works. It's easy! All you have to do is imagine what it will be like, say, 6 months from now, after you've already made this decision. What ways do you see yourself being happier and more successful? What does it feel like to be enjoying all of these benefits? What kind of great things are you saying to yourself, now that you've done it? What are others saying to you as they notice your new-found success? And, best of all, how does it feel to look back on TODAY as being the day you made such a great decision?

    Great technique, isn't it? Now, to really apply this for sales, you want to elicit a state of knowing that you've made the right decision. Have you ever made a really GREAT decision? The kind of decision where, you're sitting there, just FILLED with a feeling of pride, as you're imagining ALL the benefits you're going to enjoy in the future, now that you've made this decision? A really clever person can spend several minutes on that, and really revel in all the details of what that feels like.

    Now, you go to the future, and bring this feeling along with you. From here, you can look back on today as being the day you made such a wonderful decision. And I don't have to tell you how much better your life is, as a result of having made it, because you already know.

    By Now, you've realized what a big difference you can make with just one brief little technique, and you might have decided that you're ready to see how much more you can get out of what NLP has to offer.

    After you're sure you're ready, find out how to learn more here http://goo.gl/wFSII
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