A common misconception regarding credit card processing rates

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    Most business owners believe they pay one rate for credit card processing. In reality a there are at least three rates that are paid. I'll explain: If I come into your business and say that I'm gonna give you a .3 processing rate you would go for (it's ok I probably would take the bait as well). What I don't tell you is that you will never run a card that qualifies for that rate for whatever reason. If a card does not meat the said rate above then it will be ran as a Non qualified charge which I can set the rate as high as I like, 6% maybe more.

    So if you are looking into setting up a merchant account make sure you know all your rates. If you are already processing look at your statement and see how many Non qualified charges you have. I find that some of my clients were running cards on a machine that wasn't smart enough to get them at the Qualified rate by not asking for a zip code for example.

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