6 Ways Local Businesses Can Get More Customers

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    The new age of marketing is truly a boon for small businesses and allows them to compete head to head with the "big guys" once again. Nothing has leveled the playing field more than online marketing! Here are 6 ways to increase your visibility and grow your customer base:

    1. Have a great website - This doesn't mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg (we used Weebly.com to create our website). Simple and clean usually works best anyways!
    2. Optimize your local listings - Here at BlueCoy we create and optimize listings for the top 12 local business listing websites (plus industry specific) but for a DIYer you should at least optimize your listings on Yelp, Google Places (Maps), Yahoo Local, Bing and YellowPages.
    3. SEO - Properly done SEO on your website will ensure that your business is found when someone is doing a search for plumbers, website designers, restaurants, or whatever your business may be.
    4. Geo-Targeted SEM- Advertising online is extremely inexpensive and SEM is a reactive form of marketing (you only show up when they're looking for your service or product). Long-tail keywords tend to have the least amount of competition and so they are priced lower than broad keywords. Be sure to geo-target your ads so you show up only for the people who are searching in your selected area.
    5. Become an expert - Any business owner can be seen as an expert in their field. Create a YouTube series, blog, and join appropriate forums.
    6. Social Media- You may be surprised to see this last on the list. Social Media (Fb, Twitter, etc) works best as a customer retention and loyalty tool than as an acquisition channel. Think twice about paying for "Likes" and if you do decide to purchase ads, make sure that they are highly targeted and test test test! Start with your current customers and ask them to Like or Follow you, continually post great content, and interact with your customers!

    No matter what you do, always remember to test, test, test. You won't know what works best unless you try!
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