5 slick ways to market your small business

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    5 slick ways to market your small business

    1. Find new ways to do 'free'
    To attract small businesses to its new software, tech company Atlassian knew it had to offer something more intriguing than a free trial. Instead it gave very small firms use of the product for $10 and promised to donate that money to a global literacy charity -- inspiring many mentions on Facebook and Twitter. Since making the offer in 2009, it has raised $1.5 million for the charity, Room to Read. And it's sold about $8 million in products to customers trading up from the $10 package.

    2. Offbeat invites
    Jewelry designer Emily Armenta, who sells her designs in stores like Neiman Marcus, wanted to make sure key retailers scheduled a time to stop by her booth at a big trade show. So instead of phoning them, as many rivals do, the owner of Houston's Armenta Collection sent them a series of love notes, one with a recording of romantic Spanish music and another asking for a "date" at the show. Total cost: about $2,500. The 60-employee company walked away with orders from 15 new retail stores.

    3. Get really crazy
    To promote "Future M," a series of gatherings in Boston to discuss what's ahead in marketing, Bettina Hein, CEO of video marketing software firm Pixability, came up with a funny idea. She organized a group of about 150 local businesspeople to lurk around Copley Square and, after a secret signal, in broad daylight to burst into a dance they'd rehearsed. In exchange, she let these brave souls put their company logo on the video. "It's already brought us customers," says Hein.

    4. Explore social network niches
    Answering questions on LinkedIn isn't the only way to attract prospects online. Candyce Edelen, founder of PropelGrowth, a New York City marketing firm focused on clients involved in capital markets, says that participating in specialized web communities -- like the trade site TabbFORUM, where she publishes commentary -- has helped her raise her profile among prospects. The firm saw revenue growth of 97% from 2009 to 2010.

    5. Kill them with courtesy
    David Lefkovits, owner of LEFKO Renovations in Atlanta, avoids standard pitch letters. Instead, when he starts a home-remodeling project, he writes to the neighbors, saying that he wants to avoid inconveniencing them. He invites them to call him personally with any complaints. Many save his letters and, impressed by his courtesy, hire him later. The profitable four-year-old firm now has seven-figure revenue and sales growth of 20% to 40% a year.

    Source: money.cnn.com
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    Nov 5, 2011
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    Yes,good tips .To start a business is not easy ,first one is to find customers and supply good services.
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    Great tips. Although most of it are off line, I think they are effective. First because their first concern is their clients and potential clients. Second because they have really unique ideas.
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    here is a list of 5 online marketing methods I've tried and would recommend. they are all free so there is nothing to lose. If you are an online business and are serious about marketing, start with the free channels, once you've maximized their results then boost your effort with paid channels such as telesales, direct mail, CPM banners, CPC adwords etc.

    1. Classifieds ads
    Try: craigslist, gumtree, targro
    Try picking a few different categories relevant to your business/products/services
    Try creating a few different ad templates so you can post a different ad every other day
    Take some attractive photos of your products or previous work you've done and include them in the ads
    Classifieds ads is a good way to establish a local presence for free. I personally know a lot of people who shop on gumtree instead of ebay.

    2. Business platforms
    Put your business on websites like alibaba, lacartes. You can create a dedicated page with information of your business, photos and prices of your products/services. These platforms let you interact directly with customers. The biggest benefit with these sites is your dedicated business page will also appear on all search engines, so you will be getting direct exposure to high quality highly targeted search engine traffic - people who are actually searching for your products/services. This is the best kind of exposure you can get online.

    3. business directories
    There are many niche directories specialised in different business sectors and different geographic locations. the benefit of these directories is that many potential clients could be using them to shortlist service providers.

    4. review blogs and local blogs
    many blogs are devoted to product/service review. try finding a few blogs about your products/services and contact the blogger about writing a piece about you. You can also try blog comments. Any articles you can get here will increase exposure and awareness for your products/services and maybe also create backlinks for your website.

    5. press releases
    writing your own press releases doesn’t cost anything. If this is something you can do then you can submit them to article/PR distribution websites like ezine. each article should be between 500 - 1000 words, which would take a couple of hours to produce. You can write and submit an article every other week, over time the results will build up. These articles will generate awareness for your business/products/services and create backlinks to your website

    If you can apply all 5 methods, I am sure you will notice good results.

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