5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Guest Posting Outreach

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    5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Guest Posting Outreach
    There’s a lot of great content about guest blog posting outreach out there, and there are even some great tips on what not to do. If you’re new to guest blogging outreach, though, there are a lot of different things to keep in mind as you’re looking to have posts placed.
    Beyond the actual contents of the outreach emails, there are some additional important factors you want to keep in mind if you’re new to guest posting outreach. In this post, I’ll walk through some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re just getting started with doing outreach to multiple blogs and/or for multiple clients.
    1. What’s the Priority and Difficulty of Different Targets and Clients?
    If you have clients you need things placed for more urgently obviously you have to focus there, but if you’re doing outreach for a tricky niche that could also be an issue. Even if you’re just doing guest posting outreach for a single site, you might consider some targets more important or difficult to come up with topic ideas for than others. Make sure you’re properly prioritizing your outreach and giving yourself adequate time to create the right messages for the right blogs.
    2. Which Tools Are You Using to Stay Organized?
    We use a variety of tools to stay organized through outreach including Excel, Google Docs, labels in Gmail, BuzzStream, and more. You really need to develop your own processes, but identifying the tools you’ll need is critical.
    3. Are You Marking the People You’ve Already Contacted?
    It’s important to remember that you’re working to build ongoing relationships with publishers, so be careful to mark off within your email and in your spreadsheets/contact database who hasn’t been responsive, who’s uninterested, etc. so you’re not burning any bridges.
    4. How Detailed Are Your Notes?
    You’ll want to keep very specific notes on factors like:
    •How many times you’ve contacted the prospect
    •Whether they have any specific requirements or restrictions
    •How quick they were to respond
    This information can be critical when you or someone else on your team want to re-contact these individuals.
    5. Are Your Targets As Up-to-Date as Your Contacts?
    Just as keeping your contacts updated is important, you also want to think about keeping the posts you need to have placed. You should have a list of the posts you’re working to get placed (the pages you’re building links to and/or the clients you’re building links for). Be sure to change the “status” as the status changes for articles to states like being reviewed/need article written/post pending/etc. so that everyone interested and working on the project knows the status of outstanding posts.
    Organizational items like these are sometimes overlooked, but keeping these questions in mind can not only help you be more efficient in your guest posting outreach, but can also make sure that you’re not making any missteps and damaging any of the important relationships you’ll be able to build in guest posting outreach.
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    One thing about asking for blog owners for a guest post is that you ask whether they are open for such opportunity or not. Do not go ahead of yourself too much when asking for blog owners. Either way they might reject you ahead.

    Once you have asked them and they gave you a feedback about it, try to give them a sample - or ask them what kind of content do they allow on their blogs. Do they have guidelines? etc.
    Post not for the keyword, but for your brand. They would rather have you posting and using your brand [but not aggressively promoting] than your exact or long term keywords on your posts.
    Build credibility and trust for you to keep on getting that opportunity you have from them. Who knows, in the future, they might be the one already talking and doing the work for you.

    Mark T

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