3 Things You Must Master Before Using Twitter For Marketing

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    Most people decide to jump in to Twitter without knowing anything about using Twitter for marketing – off they go, promoting their business opportunity without any real thought. More than 97% of Twitter marketers are doing the exact same!

    If this is what you’re doing on Twitter then it is surprising that you are lacking the results you seek – luckily I am here today to expose the 3 things you MUST master before using Twitter for marketing.

    1) Provide value & solutions to people’s problems – your followers will not click on the links you put in your tweets unless you’re offering something of value. Here’s an example:

    Newest Business Opportunity XYZ Company Make $5000 Every Month JUST LAUNCHED! Click Here: http:// bit.ly/TheWrongWay

    3 Ways to Effectively Market Your Business Using Social Networking http:// bit.ly/TheRightWay

    You see how the right way offers value and is generic, whereas the wrong way is promoting a business opportunity that nobody will take a look at because people just don’t care? These are REAL examples I have pulled from Twitter, and I would not want to be in the latter half who don’t know anything about using Twitter for marketing.

    It doesn’t matter which business you’re in as people will want to join you in any opportunity if you’re a leader. Write articles, shoot videos and share someone else’s content – your followers will be happy to click on the links you post of you do this!

    2) Direct Message, ReTweet and follow others – you will be surprised at how many people will appreciate this and even return the favour. Keep in mind that the more human you appear on Twitter, the more likely you will be followed and sent direct messages or tweets.

    Follow those who share your interests, provide value & solutions to problems and you’ll be getting some high quality prospects from using Twitter for marketing. If you ReTweet other posts that you find valuable, others may return the favour. Don’t think with the frame of mind that you will lose customers or prospects to someone else by doing this.

    3) Don’t always post promotional tweets – I personally don’t post many links at all to affiliate offers, products, services or business opportunities. Offer something such as inspirational quotes in your tweets. By doing this, it could end up going viral – I’ve seen inspiring quotes that have been ReTweeted more than 20 times and they are right next to YOUR Twitter account!

    Read the original post on my blog at http://sebbrantigan.net/using-twitter-for-marketing/

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