3 Proven Steps to Use Facebook to Promote Business

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    Using Facebook to promote the business involves tactics to take advantage of the marketing platform that allows one to display their products, services or brands to potential customers. The following three steps can help you achieve your goals in a way that minimizes costs.
    STEP 1 - max out your friends list
    1) First you need to create a new Facebook account to the company you want to promote.
    2) Fill your list of friends to the limit of 5000. If you are wondering how to get a list to address the needs of your business, just search for "add to friends list" in the major search engines, and you will find an effective way to reach 5k limit soon.
    A point to note here is that before you add friends to your list, you can search through your profile to see if you fit the profile of its business audience, as this will bring you closer to the effective use of Facebook promote the business.
    STEP 2 - delivers your FANS
    You need to create a fan page for your business. This will be a great way to help communicate and connect with their customers and act as a staging area where people who are interested in what you have to offer, you can "like" the page and instantly become a fan. There are two ways I recommend to the addition of fans; This is my page on the facebook:Led waterproof flashlight
    1) Free Method: You can not post to your wall for all your friends to view the updated 5k invited to the box for your fan page. Keep short status updates, but to the point. When done correctly, you will grow your fan base.
    2) fans of purchase: Search for sites that sell fans in search engines, type "buy Facebook fans" and get results a lot to choose from. The cost can range from $ 5 up.
    Ideally you would have as many fans as necessary to make your business take off. It will go viral and beyond what I've seen pages that have more than 50 thousand fans that continue to grow at a steady pace, and this is how others are using Facebook to promote business on a regular basis.
    STEP 3 - the participation of their FANS
    Keeping fans interested in your business by posting status updates based on;
    1) Opinion polls: Open ended messages require answers to questions often lead to more answers and participation.
    2) Promotions: they are basically the tools necessary to build a fan base and launching new products and services. For example, an exclusive offer fan page would be a great way to use Facebook to promote business.
    3) Comments: asking customers about their experiences with their particular brand.
    Using Facebook to promote the business can be done in the previous 3 proven steps that involve maxing out your list of friends, fans and keep them interested in the products and services. You do not need a lot of money to start and manage or like a lot of people have been led to believe and soon your business will soar to greater heights.
    My business is using the 3 tips to get more fans ,what is more,I am also to create page in order to get more fans on the facebok.

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