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    Hi BAF memebers and visitors,

    Hope you all had a good break recently.

    You may like to know that I have recently written a guide to link building in 2012 which covers the following areas:

    • General business directories
    • Niche business directories
    • Local area business directories
    • Business forums
    • Niche specific business forums
    • Blog posting
    • Off-site blog posting
    • PR article websites
    • Social bookmarking
    • Social networks
    • General link directories
    • Guest blogging
    • Link bait
    • Testimonials
    • Video creation
    • Design galleries
    • Blog commenting
    • Interviews
    • Infographics
    • Nofollow links
    • Review websites
    • Plugins and app creation
    • Polls and user engagement methods
    • Authoritative sponsorship
    • Paid links
    • On-page internal linking

    Each area is given a score out of 10 for effectiveness and you may be surprised what the top 5 are and how they connect.

    To view the guide, follow this link: http://www.davecain.co.uk/blog/link-building-guide


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