17 Succesful keys for marketing on Twitter

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    Twitter ... essential platform data acquisition, central to the increased visibility of brands, an essential tool for identifying trends, social interaction strongly relevant to the construction of influence.

    Undeniably, a good marketing on Twitter increases our influence and with it, as strict as aspects of our traffic conversion and consolidation of our brand as a benchmark in the market is getting closer.

    The rise of the influence makes this the best time to re-invent our marketing strategy on Twitter, the social network growth over the past 5 years and its essential link with the contents (now central to the client- mark), and speaks for itself.

    17 actions that make our marketing on Twitter an ally of the consolidation of our brand (personal and enterprise)

    1 - Optimization of tweets

    • Promotion of quality content own and other brands
    • Respond to all messages and entries received
    • Establish a personality associated with the brand, for which, the record is essential.
    The main objective is that the mere reading of the tweets and the association with the brand we represent, takes users to access content.

    2. - SEO Tweets

    When we talk about Twitter today we talk about content and when we talk about it, we do in terms of quality, which include the ability to perform social SEO consistent with the brand and constant in all our tweets including keywords in promoting stronger content and interaction with users. Keywords are the backbone of our content and have 140 characters to compose messages optimized.

    3. - Added value of the shared contents

    It seems obvious to insist on the importance of promoting only quality that really contribute, we all know to identify the level of quality it demands a universe consisting of "prosumers" increasingly demanding, educated and informed.

    4. - Searches on Twitter, the power of segmentation

    Use the Twitter search function will help us identify problems and respond to needs of our target audience, and to assess the health of our brand.
    Having identified the areas of interest, we must not lose the opportunity to generate a dialogue around the specific issue, another way to gain the trust of users.

    5. - Interaction with brands and appropriate users

    There is a common mistake of brands on Twitter, what matters is not how much, what matters is the quality of content that is shared, the consistency of interests, needs and challenges, community building

    Tools like Twellow and WeFollow allow us to identify users who join us any link, location, market areas of interest, etc. ....

    Once identified it is not sufficient to promote our Tweets but, as we know, is absolutely essential to know what it says about our brand and for that interaction is essential.

    6. - Empathy, excellent starting point
    If there is something that requires the social fabric is empathy, the maintenance of cleanliness in the form of communication, building trust through openness and transparency of our messages is essential to perform these actions with our new followers or followed , this way the relationship will start from the ideal place to acquire the classification of "long term".

    7. - Lattice social, social relationships, interaction essential for maintenance
    It is obvious that we must cultivate relationships, if we are looking to consolidate a long-term relationship with customers or partners, it is necessary that we encourage interaction, it also allows us to develop a segmentation of our fans using Twitter lists.

    8. - Impact and attraction

    The promotion of our content should be the link with our audience, use of impact messages instead of automatic promotion, it is very efficient in terms of promoting social interaction and ... obviously attracting users to our blog.

    9. - Contents = profit = influence

    Twitter is shared content, the higher its quality and relevance within the industry, more viral experience to be more useful.

    10. - Credibility, transparency and management reviews

    If we are wrong must admit, we are people.
    If you do not know an answer, it is important to say
    In short, the higher the level of transparency and honesty, confidence and credibility.

    11. - # Hashtags, loyalty, segment, optimize

    We help identify issues of interest to interact with our fans, we help shape our user lists and enables us to encourage more loyal users.

    12. - Share links
    Whether they are useful and provide an added value, high-efficiency elements to build loyal relationships permanent.

    13.-Promoting traffic and positioning

    Promote our content is the best way to attract traffic to our blog, the higher the content update, greater visibility of our brand and therefore more likely to enhance our position. Beware of spam! ... With common sense, constantly updating quality content, is an extra contribution to our brand.

    14. - Interaction with the fabric[/B]
    Integrate your Twitter account with the Linkedin profile not only opens up a range of options for multi-establishment of alliances with other companies, but also gives us access to a larger universe of users attracted by our comments.

    Additionally, the creation of a list on Twitter contacts on Linkedin facilitates the monitoring of the updates.The integration of both platforms is essential for promoting entrepreneurship and building innovative and influential brands.

    15. - Take advantage of the tools
    While the dynamic interaction and recommended Twitter over the construction of quasi-social relationships customized to our users, is also a reality that using tools like HootSuite for managing social profiles information related to our company is very effective in terms of time distribution and optimization of our actions.

    Summify is another tool of great efficiency, helps to remove noise and identify the most relevant content for our business.

    16. - Searching HootSuite

    Very important to monitor a specific issue and know what they say about him, # hashtags and keywords, are a perfect match.

    17. - Ask who else knows
    There is no doubt that keeping abreast of developments and changes taking place can be a headache, but ... taking advantage of Twitter use among young people , we can obtain real-time information relevant only to ask our children adolescents are aware ... innate meaning of Twitter ... bring it built.
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    Those are some good tips to follow, I have tried some of those tips before and they worked pretty good. I can't even imagine if I followed all of the tips you mentioned..
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    This is a great little article you have here, must agree with most points mentioned here. Thanks for the share!
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    Good article. I'm quite a fan of hashtags :)
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    Great summary.

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