10 Warning Signs That Prospective Client Is Not Right For You

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    I was just reading an article and I thought it is very useful so I decided to share here so that you can choose your clients better.
    Here are ten warning signs that tell you to avoid the client.

    1. Not in your practice area(s) - The prospect has a seemingly simple matter. You could do it but it is outside your practice area. It may be easy or it may look easy because of your lack of experience. If it is outside your practice area it will take you extra time to understand the issues and do the work necessary. Use your time to solidify your brand and practice area(s) not something that will require research and study to learn something you are not used to doing and may never have a need for again.

    2. Conflicts with other cases you or other members of your firm are working on. Both #1 and #2 should be done during the screening call which in most practices can be done by a staff member.

    3. Scope of the work is not right for you at this time. The case might be too large or too complex. It might have a time frame that is not possible for you to handle given your resources. These are opportunities for you to refer the work to another attorney or ask another attorney to do the pieces of the work that are more than you can handle.

    4. Client's expectations are not in line with reality. Be clear about what is possible, how you work, and what you expect from the client. Don't take on a client who wants you to do something you are not comfortable with or will put you under pressure that you do not want.

    5. The client does not have the money or is unwilling to pay you a reasonable fee. Watch out for clients who argue about your fee, do not want to give you a retainer, or will not agree on a payment schedule.

    6. You get a feeling in your gut that this client will be difficult for you to work with. It may feel illogical. You may not be able to articulate a reason but a red flag goes up as you are talking with the prospective client.

    Full article is here
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    This is in context of lawyers. I thought it would be generalized. However, some of the points do help.

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