10 Prospecting & Recruiting Tips That Will Help Boost Your Business

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    If You’re In A Network Marketing Company Then I’m Going To Unfold 10 Prospecting and Recruiting Tips With You That Will Definitely Help Boost Your Business…

    As we both know there are only 2 ways you get paid in Network Marketing and that’s through prospecting and recruiting this is what it takes to start building your down line.

    In order for you to be able to recruit then you have to first start building relationships with your prospects and if you implement what I’m about to share with you then you won’t have any problems with recruiting! Getting people to join your business is pretty easy once you get the concept of how things work.

    So Let’s Get Started…

    1) Pay attention to your prospects problems by finding out their needs, frustrations and what they are trying to achieve.

    Remember it’s about them not you, so believe it or not they are more interested in how they are going to benefit from your opportunity.

    2) Staying in contact and building relationships is another good prospecting and recruiting tip and it should be done on a consistent basis with your prospects. People do business with those they know, like and trust so no relationship and no trust equals no business.

    3) Learn their pressure points and what gets them going. Getting prospects to join you isn’t a hard task when you can help fulfill their eagerness to succeed. They may be looking to join for several reasons it could be wanting to be a full time stay at home parent, pay off some bills, spend more time with family or gain financial freedom it doesn’t matter what it is your job is to show them how they can get there.

    4) Make sure that you are doing more listening than talking. I don’t know how many times I have repeated this, but if you are doing more talking than listening I promise you that you’re going to miss out on something important. Besides if you learn to become a good listener then you are able to learn a lot about them and get a lot of your questions answered as well.

    5) Make sure that you are catering to their needs by letting them know how your opportunity is going to help them.


    6) Here Are 5 Questions You Should Always Ask:






    By allowing your prospects to talk and ending your conversations with another question makes them feel like they are in control and it keeps you ahead of the game.

    7) Be respectful and accept whatever they decide to do for whatever reason. Don’t try to make them feel guilty about not joining your opportunity this is nothing to get upset about may be the timing isn’t right who knows.

    8) Networking with people on a constant basis is very important if you are looking to build a successful business I remember just like yesterday having butterflies in my stomach when it came down to networking with people. In fact this was a big fear for me because I was afraid of rejection.

    Remember what we talked about in prospecting and recruiting tip # 2 people do business with those they know, like and trust, so if you are constantly connecting and communicating with people then you won’t have any problems getting them to join your business opportunity or purchasing your products.

    9) Always do a follow up with your prospects because decisions aren’t always made overnight, so you may have to follow up with them a few times before they are ready to do anything. Don’t hassle them you are following up to make sure they are still looking into your opportunity.
    The Last Prospecting & Recruiting Tip Is:
    10) Create yourself a 90 day marketing agenda on how you are going to build your business, make your plan achievable and realistic!

    If you start taking action on these 10 prospecting and recruiting tips that I have just shared with you then begin seeing some major changes in your business just keep in mind that in order for this to work you must be consistent and not give up. Good luck to you!

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