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    Weblog or web page flipping business
    Yes – just like in property, you can flip websites or weblogs. The typical is to buy low, modernize, and offer great, but you can definitely go as a broker – you offer one's web page to others and receive a commision: Wait, that is even more than 10 periods ROI! ;)
    Website building business
    The traditional – you make a web page for a customer with $10 in domain name, $50 in web web host, your time and creativity. Your customer could pay you anywhere from $200 to $2000. Um, yes $200 is not 10 periods, but what if you host your customer's web page in your own supplier account? Think about it…
    Create a start-up web company, offer it on on the internet marketplace
    Also the traditional, with a perspective – you delegate to your associates for $30, offer your web page or blog for $300.
    Create an established web company, offer it on on the internet marketplace
    The classic cash maker – Develop a website with good concept, delegate to your associates, industry the web page, make some profit, and offer it for a higher sum of cash. From the $30 case on #3 concept, you could even get more than $1000 if you delay satisfaction ;)
    Web web host trying to sell business
    A bit saturated industry, web web host company is still offering something these days. You can purchase a $25/month web host supplier, such as HostGator, make web host plans, that can give you 50 space to rent. Times that with $5, you will get $250/month – That’s 10 periods managing price, per month.
    Review sites
    You can evaluation almost about everything – web web host, bank credit ratings cards, health products,etc. – But first, you should join the available affiliate programs or networks to be able to promote them. You should choose high-paying industry, such as web web host and bank credit ratings cards that could pay you more than $50 per lead, but beware of the firm competition.
    Content composing business
    Content quality is more and more important these days, as it can help your web company rank better, visited more and eventually earn more cash. Material can be outsourced for as low as $2, and be sold for $20 per content.
    Membership sites
    If you have relevant expertise in your industry, you should definitely think to create a account website. It is basically a website that offer “insider information” or on the internet training for shelling out members. A effective account website can makes a large number of cash per month with only a several 100's of dollars in managing price.
    Blog network
    This is not easy to do, but doing it right can make you considerable sum of cash. Consider this – if you manage a 50 weblogs system right and attract the right kind of advertising, you could easily make a large number of cash per month income, each blog.
    Niche, even odd, sites
    Selling bird cages on the internet can make you a large number of cash per month? You bet! A card collecting industry website can make a large number of cash per month with only several a large number of cash operation cost? Sure! Going industry can make you effective company – just don’t go too far on the company concept :)

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