10 of the best Fivebucks listings to grow your business

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    When you need it done fast and cheap, you come to Fivebucks, a growing bcommerce hub where every service is offered for only $5. In contrast to Fiverr, services cost literally $5 because there are 0 fees for buyers. Although all listings are quoted for $5, buyers can still pay up to $100 per order by increasing the quantity at check out. This allows business owners to hire freelancers for for more difficult jobs to make the service more comprehensive.

    Fivebucks is only one month old so our community of freelancers is far from mature. However, as the following list will show, you can already find some valuable services that can help your business grow at little cost.

    Here's how it works.

    First, you browse for the type of service that you need. Listings are organised in categories, so if you need graphic design then we recommend switching directly to the Graphics & Designs category. There you’ll get a wide array of service providers to choose from. Once you’ve chosen who you wish to work with, you can "order now". Once the payment is processed you upload your project requirements to the Fivebucks system and within a few days you’ll have a completed project.

    Here are 10 of the best Fivebucks listings based on our close review and the reviews of other buyers who have tried them so far:

    1. Logo design by uniquelogo (from Bangladesh): The seller communicates promptly and designs logos in line with buyer instructions. He is also receptive to criticism and willing to go the extra mile to make a buyer happy.
    2. Animated GIFs by oscarsalas (from Venezuela): If you are looking for animated gifs that go viral on social media then oscarsalas is the seller for you. Starting from only $5 he does amazing animated gifs that have already served a dozen customers well. This is the best selling service on Fivebucks as we speak.
    3. Article Rewriting by RodneySA (from Cameroon): We have reviewed over 200 sellers so far and very few match the level of professionalism of Rodney's work. If you are looking for well done rewriting jobs where very detail is taken care of then we strongly recommend giving this guy a chance, you won't be disappointed.
    4. Twitter Marketing by Foskaaaay (from Nigeria): One of the most important approaches when it comes to marketing online is social promotion. This seller from Nigeria is well connected with other crypto accounts and starting from as little as $5 he can help you spread the word about your business among cryptoenthusiasts on Twitter.
    5. Python script by modaf (from France): Small scripts will help you automate tasks that would take hours to complete. Collecting data, formatting data, checking a page for updates etc can all be done automatically through simple scripts. This will help you save the most valuable resource any small business has: time.
    6. Chinese translation by mrppa (from Australia): China's online shopping boom was heard all over the world. According to Goldman Sachs, the surge in online Chinese consumers is set to double by 2020. To reach out to Chinese consumers you could start with translating your communications in Chinese, and mrppa is really good at this.
    7. Instagram promotion by dean (from unknown): This promotion service stands out from the rest because the seller owns a viral Instagram comedy account (unrelated to crypto). Instagram is the king of social networks right now and visual marketing can be really effective. If college students are your target, you must definitely try this one!
    8. App beta tester by brianxv (from United States): Finding testers for your app can be challenging and frustrating. Starting from only $5 you can hire this experienced beta tester to do it for you.
    9. Do a short video by iratest (from United States): A short funny video with your logo can go viral on social media and put your brand in front of a lot of eyeballs that wouldn't have known about you otherwise. For this you can count on Iratest. She has already done several viral videos for customers on Fivebucks. All her projects so far have been completed with stellar ratings!
    10. Draw a realistic portrait by chrisdata (from Indonesia): The seller is a very experienced and talented artist. As explained in the description, every portrait is hand made by him, for only $5. If you have ever tried to hold a contest and failed, you will be amazed at how many opt ins you will receive by promising participants a hand made portrait.
    Some of these services are shown on our homepage, others are not. We encourage users to use the search feature when looking for something specific. If you are not a buyer, you can start making money right now on Fivebucks by creating your own listing. Unique and cool listings are always in high demand!

    Note: I tried to add a link to each listing but for some reason the site won't allow me to.

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