WTS WOW - E3-1240v2 ONLY $75!/mo $7 4GB RAM VPS!!! LIMITED OFFERS!

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    All from MyServerPlanet – Across the USA, in 4 locations, LA, New York, Dallas and Chicago – These deals are brought to exclusively from us. Setup from 48 hours either on IPMI or an OS installed for you. – All come with 10TB bandwidth, all come with 1Gbit ports with 5 IPs!

    We have vastly configurable options for you from 2x120GB SSD or, 32GB ram. All at the great low prices that we will be giving you today – and let’s not exclude the IPv4’s at fantastically low pricing!

    You can now;
    Turn on/off
    Set rDNS
    Check your IP allocation

    Directly, from your MyServerPlanet Client area! Get in now -- secure your savings and a better future with us!

    We have one special VPS today to include in this sale;

    WOW!!! 4GB ram for only $7!

    2 vCores
    100 GB HDD
    4 GB Dedicated Ram
    4 GB Burstable Ram
    1 Gbps Port
    1 TB Monthly Traffic
    1 IP
    Order up!

    WOW? We're giving you the chance to have extra savings for your VPS needs or your IP allocation needs

    32GB ram
    4x500GB HDD's
    10TB bandwidth
    1Gbit connectivity
    2x/24 - 506 IP's usable!! < WOW!!!!
    ONLY $280/mo!
    Many in stock!
    Order up!

    2 x 8GB
    1TB HDD
    10TB bandwidth
    /29 (5 IP's)
    New York, Dallas, LA.
    Order up

    E3 nodes can be delivered within 2 hours on IPMI only. Need an OS installed? Just shout we'll do it for you.

    Thank you!

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