Why employment policies are important for an employer and employee?

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    From 1 July 2011 every employee must have a written employment agreement under the Employment Relations Act 2000. It is the legal duty of the all employer to retain a signed copy of the employment agreement.
    Employment policy is a set of rules and practices that deals with ongoing management and administration of the company/ organization.

    It is the right of the each employer to introduce and set up the different types of policies for their employee. But it is also mandatory that each policy never violate the statutory rights of the employee. Everything cannot be jotted down in employment agreement because employment agreement only provides the info about the mandatory provisions such as leaves, nature of job, termination notice, payment etc.

    Employment policy must not create any type of discrimination. Employment policy must be perfect and clear in all aspects. Employment policy must be communicated to each employee.

    Employer can change the employment policy at any time but it is also mandatory to communicate the employee about the nature of changes.

    I t is not necessary that employer implement the policy on every aspects but it is also necessary that employees must understand what is being expected from them and what they get in return.
    Employment policy must be in written form. Every business has different demands and scopes and therefore it is necessary that each employer must establish polices in accordance with nature of their business.
    Employment policy must be same for all employees and it never creates any discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion. Employment policy can be included in employee handbook or it can be written in a separate document.

    Employment policy must be practical and reasonable so that employee understands what the policy is going to achieve.

    Employment policy also often called the workplace policy and it define the purposes and goals of the organisation
    A well drafted and comprehensive employment policy:
    • Never violate the statutory rights of the employee;
    • Ensures that organisation is being working in businesslike manner;
    • Supplies the framework for business planning;
    • Explain functions and responsibilities;
    • Guarantees the uniformity and consistency in decision making.

    It is necessary that employment policy must be implanted throughout the organisation. The breach of the any provision of the policy must be dealt with promptly and in accordance with the procedure defined in the policy.
    It is the useful for organisations to review the employment regularly to ensure that these are up to date Employee must tell the employee about the any change in employment policy so that employees understand what are the employer new directions. It is beneficial for the employer to arrange a training session so that employee may completely understand the purposes s and demands of the policies.
    An employment policy must explain the key terms used in policy and must tell to whom this policy will be applied. Employment policy must be clear understandable. Employment policy must be in plain English and easily understandable.
    Net Lawman provides the following types of employment policies. Such as:

    Data protection policy

    Comprehensive policy to publicise your compliance with legal obligations of the New Zealand data protection policy and spell out to staff, how you and they will use all data

    Company cars policy

    A model company cars policy for any sized business and educates staff in best practice
    Computer use, email, Internet and communications policy

    A computer and email policy with 40 paragraphs of down-to- earth common sense to protect your business. Protects your data, your reputation and your business and sets out a model policy for any size of business.

    Equal opportunities and non harassment policy

    Comprehensive guidance covering company policy and employee obligations with sexual harassment spelled out. Helps protect you from tribunal claims arising from discrimination and sexual harassment

    Drugs and alcohol misuse policy

    Comprehensive drugs and alcohol policy which aids compliance with health and safety legislation as well as acting as a warning to employees about the consequences of drug and alcohol misuse. Use it to protect your business;


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