What is more about web hosting?

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    Last time I was talking about how to choose your web hosting plan and the differences between the plans was explained in a simple way. There are some points need to be discussed about this topic to make it clearer especially for beginners. While choosing a hosting plan you should know some more important information.

    Managed servers VS Unmanaged servers

    In shared hosting plans the hosting providers are responsible for everything, such as servers security, creating and transferring accounts and servers monitoring. However, that might be different in VPS plans and dedicated servers. Some companies are offering self-managed servers which means the customer should take care about everything from A-Z. So, if you don’t have any experience about servers management it won’t be a good idea to have unmanaged one because you will definitely face many problems.

    On the other hand, there are managed VPS and servers. For these plans, the hosting provider will be responsible about managing them. Managed plans are different, there are some fully managed plans where the hosting company will take a responsibility about everything related to the server while there are other basic managed plans where just some services will be covered. Some companies are offering three different types of management services so you should look for what suit you best.

    Server operating system

    As I said on my previous article, the servers are simply computers. So as any computer they need an operating system to work. The most prevalent ones are Linux centOS and Microsoft Windows Server. I won’t talk a lot about this point but it’s worth knowing that Linux are more used on servers than Windows. The main reason for that is Linux is an open source operating system so there is no additional charge for it, while Windows is owned by Microsoft so additional charge must be paid for it. I just want to mention that any software written by ASP programming language will just work on Microsoft Windows Server operating system (I’ts not common though to use ASP scripts on small websites).

    Control panels

    Control panel is important for different things to be done. Uploading files, creating email accounts, managing parked and sub-domains, and many other things. There are different types of control panels and the most famous one is Cpanel. To be honest I haven’t tried any other types of control panels but I always hear about Plesk panel if you want to give it a try. I strongly recommend Cpanel not just because I’m using it, but you can find many explanations about it everywhere on the internet and it’s really easy to use.

    Domain names

    The domain name is your website address (www.yourname.com/net/org/etc). It’s important to choose an easy one and it should also be related to your website contents. So how to register your domain name? Many hosting companies are registering the domain name for free when you order a host plan. However, I wouldn’t advise you to register it from the hosting provider. The reason is if you want to change your hosting company for any reason, it’s always easier to have your domain registered with another company than transferring your domain name from a company to another all the time. I would recommend Godaddy for registering your domain.

    The registration process is very easy. Just browse the website and search for a new domain and if its available follow the easy steps until finishing the registration process. Having done this, it’s the time to choose your hosting plan and pay for it. After receiving your hosting account information you will find the DNS (Domain Name System) for your hosting and you have to copy and paste this into the DNS section on your domain control panel. I won’t explain what’s the DNS but a great information are available on Wikipedia if you interested.

    Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

    It’s always important to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for any hosting company. Some points are really important such as refund policy, backups and resources usage so always be aware of these points.

    I recommend these two hosting providers. They are great and well-known companies and I’m hosting this website on a vps with the first one while hosting my other websites on a shared hosting with the other one.



    Source: http://e-bus.org/2013/03/what-is-more-about-web-hosting/

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