What do you think of this customer engagement tool for brands and retailers?

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    Rich customer experience on Mobile is one of the most important things today needed by brands, retailers and businesses. Our idea is to help them get this without having to hire developers or spending time on building them. Here's the basic summary of the platform we are planning to build and whole workflow of how this will work:

    Platform capabilities: Choose from a group of engagements like mini-games(tic-tac-toe/scratch card/rotating wheels), contests(lucky draw, etc), quizzes(trivia about your business or your line of business) and customize them for your own brands.

    Running the campaign: Share the engagement link using short-url/qrcode. Offer a freebie or a discount coupon if they win the game/contest(you can customize the winning conditions, like at least 3 correct answers in quizzes, 4 straight wins in a simple game, etc).

    Benefits: Rich customer experience, social sharing about the engagement by happy customers, lead generation.

    Would like to know your take on this. Does this idea and the whole workflow sounds like it will help marketers and brands?

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