Webmaster College - Free Xenforo License + $300+ prize giveaways!

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    About Webmaster.College WMC is a forum dedicated to helping out fellow webmasters in anyway possible. Our goal is to take what we know, and learn and to tell people what we did. I own a site that get's over 200k views in traffic a month, and is only 4 months old with over 22k messages and almost 4k members. Because of that several webmasters on FP and other sites were asking me how I managed to get that type of traffic, what I did, and if I could make some articles. With all of that I decided to make Webmaster.College. If you'd like to join the community, and help to help out other webmasters, as well as possibly learn a thing or two feel free to at least stop by.

    Because the site is just starting out, I decided to create a huge competition. Below is a little bit more about that:

    Webmaster College is hosting a HUGE Giveaway, giving away prizes over $300 worth of webmaster content! We will be doing this contest February 15th, when our website will be released.


    XenForo License
    SEOClerks SEO Package
    SEOClerks GOV & EDU backlinks

    1 year of HawkHost Hosting (Basic Shared Hosting)
    Domain Name through NameCheap (Total of three will be given away) ($13 or lower)
    A paid theme/style for a forum software of choice. ($30 or lower)
    A paid advertisement of your website on a Publicity Clerk site of your choosing ($20 or lower)
    1 year of SSL (Https) from ssl2buy


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