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    Hi friends,
    I always aim to encourage students through my articles and today I am here to do the same; a talk about employability.

    In the last semester every student tries to get placed in the best venture and trust me, I have seen students performing better in last semester than in rest of their semesters. Every student tries to develop that unique skill which can convince the management in their job conformation. But getting a good job depends on one's skills and knowledge and how much he/she is serious about that job.
    I want to share some of the skills which can help you all to understand what a company wants:
    - Your ability to express ideas clearly and confidently in speech & writing.
    - Your commercial awareness.
    - Ability to plan activities & carry them through effectively.
    - How much you're flexible in adapting your surroundings.
    - How much you are technically strong.

    I found this video (Great Minds Series) which aims to inspire students and promote debate on education, employability, entrepreneurship, and the economy:

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