Two Companies - Non Profit Company & Profit Company - (No Salary in Non-Profit)

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by TheLindseyCorp, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Hello Guys,

    So, here is my question. I have been running my own Profit company for several years now, it is an Internet Marketing company, which offers services such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Web Hosting, etc. It is a profit business, meaning that we sell products/services, I pay the expenses out, pay the employees, and then from time to time, take a draw out of the profits as I am the owner.

    Now, last week I decided to start a "Non-Profit" organization for individuals with Kidney disease. I understand when it comes to "Non-Profit" companies there has to be a difference in the way money flows in and out of the company. I don't plan on taking any salaries from the Non-Profit even though I will be the one handling all the day-to-day operations and things. However, I do see this company growing alot quicker and bigger than my actual PROFIT company above.

    So, my question is this. Since many of the Programs we will be offering through our Non-Profit organization will be helping individuals through "social media campaigns" is it illegal or wrong to be essentially "Hiring" my other company to perform those services? Or is that the way it is normally done? As I will own both companies, but my team from my MARKETING company will essentially be the ones PERFORMING the campaigns for the Non-Profit company.

    I want to make sure this is not illegal, as I take draws and things from my PROFIT company, NOT my Non-Profit, I will NOT be taking any money from the Non-Profit company, but I DO take money from my PROFIT company, so I want to make sure that there is no illegal issue there or anything of that nature.

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