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    Is having a great product or service the only thing you have to do in order to be a successful business owner or salesperson? No, it is not. Although it is important to have an awesome item or service, you will not succeed if this is the only thing you do right.
    If you own your own business or work in sales, you have to make a great connection with your customers. You will learn 6 ideas for building a relationship with your customers.

    1) Acknowledge Brand Mentions
    Facebook fanpages and Twitter profiles are very popular places for people to mention brands that they enjoy as well as ecommerce sites where they purchase products. If you are a small online company, then you should do whatever it takes to acknowledge people who give positive praise to your brand or products. If you sell dresses online and someone compliments you on Twitter about the quality of the dress, then let them know as soon as possible how much you appreciate the kind words and feedback. Showing a customer that you care and pay attention to what people think of your ecommerce site will go a long way to build loyalty and trust.

    2) Keep Customers Updated and Engaged
    Having a conversation with your customers on Facebook and Twitter is essential to building trust and loyalty, so that they continue to shop at your ecommerce site and recommend it to friends and family. The best way to keep the conversation going is to make sure that customers are always up to speed with everything going on at your ecommerce site. You acquire new customers almost every day, so therefore they might not be aware of your commitment to customer service. Update Facebook and Twitter on occasion asking customers if they have any questions or concerns about your store. Someone may not feel comfortable complaining about an order and just prefer to go shop elsewhere, but if you keep the communication open, then they will be more likely to let you know what they think. This feedback can go a long way toward improving your ecommerce business and building rapport with customers, which will keep them coming back to shop.
    Not only do you want to keep customers updated, you want to keep them engaged with your ecommerce site. There are a variety of ways to do this via Facebook and Twitter, but the best ways are via promotions, contests and viral marketing. Get involved with your interactive advertising and try a viral video contest where customers submit ads for your ecommerce site. In terms of promotions and contests, try and rotate these throughout the year so customers have a reason to keep coming back.

    3) Give Them More Than They Expect
    Customers become cynical at times when they have too many disappointing experiences with businesses. Often the advertised levels of service and value in no way resemble the goods and services that are actually received. It does not take a lot more

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