Top 4 Tips To Improve The Speed Of Your PrestaShop Store

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    Is performance of your PrestaShop lower beyond expectation, and web-store has poor speed for that reason pages are consuming more time in loading?
    In current Ecommerce world, website speed highly influences the success of online business. You might have observed that you more like to visit a website that is speedy, rather than a site with slow loading time. The PrestaShop store with fine speed becomes more likely to visit along with future navigations, as it provides better experience to the customers, whereas slow website can surely increase the bounce rate on online store.
    Bounce back of one client means losing one conversion, and increase in bounce rate implies that you are losing many conversions, which is not a good omen for any online store. As a remedy, you can take several measures to prevent bouncing of customers.
    Tips To Improve Speed Of PrestaShop Store
    Here are we presenting four tips that will help in improving the speed that will eventually decrease the bounce rate, which can ultimately improve the conversions on PrestaShop domain.

    1. Select The Best Web Hosting Package:

    The scope of Web Hosting is not limited, you should be aware how to use it for your website. There are several hosting websites offering different kind of hosting plans, ensure that chosen hosting plan should be $1 to $3 per month, but issue with such kind of solutions is that, they are not suitable to host an Ecommerce business.
    In order to select a better service, hosting plan can be considered as an engine that will perform faster only if engine is in better condition.
    Many hosting service providers don’t disclose the exact no. of websites, they allow sharing on a single server. Generally, the processors of single server need to share processing with thousands of websites, so revise about the processing power that is required by your PrestaShop website to get sub-tier hosting provider. If the volume and traffic of Ecommerce site is high, then all you need to concentrate on the performance matters, which can be efficiently fulfilled through premium hosting package. In fact, a speedy website enables more conversions, so it will be fair enough to pay few dollars to avail a perfect hosting solution.

    2. Discard The Unused Features:

    The last stable release of PrestaShop framework contains 310 built-in features. Not all the default features are concerned with storeowners, so it will be wise to uninstall those modules that are not required by your PrestaShop store.
    For that reason, it is recommended that you disable all those Presta Plugins that are vacant. The purpose of doing so is to remove those plugins, which have never been loaded, in this way optimization of modules accelerates the processing time of Ecommerce store. Its principle is just like a personal computer that needs to load bunch of programs in start-up, more programs at start-up means speed of system will decrease. So in order to boost the performance of PC, the start-up should have minimum no. of programs that are needed, same strategy should be applied to Ecommerce website.

    3. Offload The Statistical Data Of PrestaShop Store:

    By default, PrestaShop packages analytic features for Ecommerce platform within provided solution, the feature simply enables preservation of server resources by offloading the statistical data of PrestaShop store.
    Google Analytics is a useful tool for every type of Ecommerce storeowners, it not only offloads the stats of website, but also provides complete information related to business store. It should be noted that all versions of PrestaShop framework are compatible Google Analytics that advantages merchandisers about analytic services for Ecommerce site.
    Google analytics users are recommended to use the tool in association with the server stats such as AW and Webalizer, as they significantly improves the speed and performance of online store.

    4. Online Store Optimization:

    Keen storeowners always keep the aspects of performance improvement in mind for PrestaShop store, in this regard better a hosting service provider assists him in achieving the goals aimed for business website. There are numerous tools available, which enable a website host to achieve desired functionality, and enhances the performance of PrestaShop store.
    Amongst which two tools namely Google Page Speed & Yslow are worthwhile to optimize eStore, the tools are useful in locating such areas of website where ‘Bottle-Neck’ situation persists, tools also provide details that are helpful in finding the solutions to fix the issues. Thus, these tools are handy in reducing the no. of requests on Ecommerce store and provide offload static media files to a server that doesn’t utilizes cookies.
    Speed and performance can be issue of any Ecommerce store, so it is an opportunity for PrestaShop users to take advantage through post, share your views about the usefulness of tips.
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