Top 10 Most Powerful YET Overlooked Ways To Get Google SEO Results: P1

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    (via Dangerous Google SEO Strategies)
    "By the time you hear of a good investment opportunity, it's not," an old mentor of mine would say.
    I never understood that until my late 20's sometime. I had chased good investments, good opportunities, and good girls-- all to find that by the time they hit my attention, they just weren't. In other words, but the time a reputation for performance has been established, its shoulder curve of performance has too. The only thing left is the downward slope. The time to invest, start-up, and even grab a girl is when nobody else sees their true potential.
    It's no different with Google SEO.
    When everybody realized that you could put a link into a blog's comment box and your ranking would jump, blog platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, and others immediately made their comments "nofollow." Same with forums. For you to have gotten your big payoff from blog commenting, you had to be doing it before:

    A. Blog Platforms Made Their Comments NOFOLLOW
    B. Google Algorithm Made NOFOLLOW Links Totally Worthless (some argue this point but we can discuss this issue later)

    So now, then, what are the ways to compete the super smart guys with PhDs in India and Born Childhood Hackers in the Eastern Block doing SEO?

    10) Actually Write Good Content.
    Remember, what ever your native language is, you'll write better than 10 PhDs who were born into a different language. Write stuff that people will WANT to quote.

    9) Put Your Link in Your Gmail
    Google Spiders Gmail. Everytime you send your email out, Google will see your link in somebody else's computer. After all, that IS how they do Adwords ad matching.

    8) Reddit Sub Reddits
    Reddit is DoFollow. Use a subreddit to make your links come from a url that already has a high page rank for your topic.

    7) DON'T Use a SubDomain.
    Seriously. When's the last time you saw a #1 Ranking for ""

    6) DON'T Use a Blogging Platform or a Theme You Never See in Google
    Again. When was the last time you saw a Tumblr or "" url

    5) DON'T Get A Template or BlogRoll Link
    In my personal experience, a tiny little link from on blog post pushed my urls far higher than a big link in the sidebar of a major 1000 page blog (I own 5). My guess is that's because Google has been cracking down on paid links and a link in a sidebar looks sponsored to me.

    YEP. Google wants it's users to feel Google's speed. To do so, they favor faster sites over slower ones. I have fast servers at Godaddy and MediaTemple. Whenever I migrate my sites from MediaTemple to GoDaddy, my Google results drop. When ever I move TO MediaTemple, my same urls jump 2-3 pages.

    Test your website's speed against the sites that are already on Google Page 1 for your target SEO term. I used Pingdom Tools to do the proxy server speed test.

    I'm Robert Wan. I produce a Youtube vlog called Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Strategies
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