Time Management

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    To manage means to control. It comes from the Latin word manus: a hand. Mary Parker Follet defines management as "the art of getting things done through people". Management refers to productive employment of deficient means. Time being a scarce resource needs to be used efficiently. However, major hindrances or obstacles to fruitful time management are as follows:
    • Attitude problem most people waste their time and that of others.
    • Lack of planning some people want to attain too many things in too short a time.
    • Reckless decisions many people try to spend more time on trivial matters and spend very little time on vital jobs.
    • Uncontrolled events most people are unsystematic and disorganized and waste lot of time on searching, telephone and meetings with drop-in-visitors.
    • Lethargic approach many people don't know how to use time wisely; they waste time by sleeping, gossiping or doing improvident activities.
    • Postponed action procrastination is often a common problem with many people because they put off things which they should do now.
    • Absence of delegation many people don't delegate nor assess what they can do. Stretching beyond limit yields negative or adverse results.

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