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    While browsing the many forums I browse lately I've been finding that contests or competitions do not match the genre of the forum and therefor lack an active membership into the competition or contest. Here I shall give you ideas on what you could do for competitions.

    First up is gaming
    Is there really a reason for a gaming competition? You first have to reflect on your stats on your forum before even thinking of doing one. If there is not much stats then you could do a referral competition for an award or a medal. There really isn't much you can give away on a gaming forum for this sort of competition.

    Now we get into the major stats. What do your members most like on your forum? Is there a specific VIP group you have created for such forum? If so why not send them a game and a one years VIP access. The game could be based on what gets discussed most on your forum or just what you think is the hottest latest game released or to be released. Be sure you can keep your word to the competition or contest as if you decide later down the track while the competition/contest is still active that you wish to cancel it you may lose members due to the mucking around you've put them through.

    If you're really unsure on what you think a competition or contest should be on a gaming forum then it's best to ask your community itself and not elsewhere. Your community are the ones who know what they want and what prizes they think should be best. Not people who aren't even members of your community.

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