The Sounds of the Game

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    The sounds of the game are about to get really loud with the start of the NCAA College Football season and the NFL Football season that are set to begin in September. I cannot wait to hear the sounds of the fans cheering in the stands, the sounds of the instruments playing in the band, the sounds of the players on the field, the sounds of the coaching staff, and the sounds of celebration and fun when the team scores a touchdown.
    It’s just amazing just how loud a football game can get whether you are actually in attendance or watching the game at home on television. It’s just the element of the game and the excitement of the hunt towards the ultimate goal of making it to the super bowl.

    Being a business owner, there are many sounds of the game of being an entrepreneur. You have the sound of the cha-ching going off on your cell phone when you make a sale or you receive a new email for notifying you that you have a new signup, a new product sale, or you have a new tour taker or prospect. Other sounds of the game of an entrepreneur include laughter and joy because you are on track to achieve your goals as well as tears and frustration at those times when challenges enter into the playing field. In the end, entrepreneurs on in the hunt for that ultimate goal of financial freedom and independence and that will be our “super bowl.” Have a great day and keep pressing forward!

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