The real joy of inner management gives immense pleasure to heart and mind...

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    Have you ever feel your heart?
    Have you ever look into your heart deeply?

    Of course yes, but we need to feel it hundred percent. What ever we are looking outside that is from within. What ever we are listening that is also within. So we have to change the way we feel or to respond to the things happening around us.

    If we feel is as a frustrated thing, then our thoughts direct us in negative way only, we will feel in a simple way, our mind takes rest in a peaceful room.

    Friends, our inner management is having a great infrastructure inside. If we really look into it with a pure patience, then we can feel the real joy.
    Real joy in the sense, in your perspective, it could be going to pub, having good meals in a restaurant, getting more money, win over enemies. etc., they may give you hardly one hour, one day or one month joy. Then what will give the hundred percent joy, that is 'our heart'. If we feel the real joy within, then your heart fills with happiness.

    We use to see some people, mainly housewives, they simply get frustration, anxiety or tension or insecurity feeling. What ever the reason it could be, we should maintain a same level of well being. Not to fly high in winning moments, not to fall down to voyage in failures. Happiness or sadness, we should not forget where we came from, and what for we are striving.

    These words are coming from my real life experiences friends.

    Be positive, be happy.

    (Never give up...)

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