The perfect accessories for your new PS4

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    If you've been lucky enough to get hold of a PS4 during its first few weeks on the market (you lucky monkey – you’re probably the sort of person that gets the latest tablet laptops whenever they come out, too!), then you might well be on the lookout for some extra accessories. That's why we're going to use today to look at what we think are the standout additional items on the market, all of them ready to be hooked up to that gorgeous new console:

    A Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller
    If you're planning to play with friends, then an extra controller is definitely a worthy first accessory. The ability to use it wirelessly is invaluable in terms of practicality and convenience (remember the days when there were wires everywhere?). Though controllers aren't what you'd call cheap (around £60 or so, depending on where you look), they remain an essential investment for any social gamer.

    The Dualshock Charging Station
    Again, a definite must for those that take the multi-player approach to gaming. The official charging station is an easy and convenient way to charge up a couple of controllers without having to leave them hanging using one of the USB slots on the PS4 itself. Offering you the ability to keep the controller nicely out of the way of the floor, it’s ideal if you've got a pet or children that you don’t want accidentally tugging the console off the desk.

    The PS4 vertical stand
    It's no secret within that consoles will last far longer and stay in better condition if the air flow around them isn't impeded. For those that want to keep their PS4s upright (as the adverts usually show them being kept), a vertical stand is probably a sound idea. The official stands can usually be found for under £20, meaning that even if they’re not an essential accessory, they still represent a sound investment.

    The PS4 Camera
    This option is probably a divisive one. For some people, the idea of their console watching them is actually an uncomfortable one. For those who love to be social whilst playing and want to take advantage of live streaming to chat to their mates during games, the camera represents an excellent investment. At £40, it’s not too expensive, and reviews so far have been reasonably good. It also offers the ability to voice-control the console through the microphone, which is equally cool for the bossy boots out there.

    The Remote Control
    All hail the lazybones. One of the good things about today’s consoles is that they offer far more than just gaming: they’re just as capable of watching Blu-Rays or browsing on Facebook. However, navigating all of the different options using the game controller can be a bit of a pain in the backside. That’s why it’s usually a good idea for those that use their PS4 as a full entertainment centre to invest in a remote control. DreamGEAR will be releasing a fully compatible remote in the early months of 2014, and at a price of around £20. That’s pretty good value, and the investment won’t half increase the usability of the console.

    This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson. Follow her on Twitter: @katht35

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