The network camera surveillance - moldy rice kindergarten

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    Features of Network Camera Product:
    1, Easy to install: network camera installation is very simple, do not require specialized wiring only need to power and network to network connection, if it is WIFI wireless connection, you only need to provide power to;
    2, Scope: applies to homes, offices, businesses, supermarkets, schools and other surveillance in public places; multi-protocol support: built-in embedded operating systems support TCP / IP network protocol, SMTP (simple mail protocol). HTTP, UPNP, etc;
    3, the configuration is simple: configure the interface using a standard Web browser, users can control and manage network through LAN or Internet camera;
    4, video viewing and video: simple user interface to view real-time image, and can be recorded on your computer to prepare for inspection at any time.
    5, Alarm monitoring: external alarm device, alarm information sent to you want to send E-mail or phone, or by motion detection to detect the user to select the area to be deployed in the illegal invasion can also be an alarm, and in accordance with the user-specified E-mail to send information and photos.
    6, dynamic support for the DDNS: support dynamic domain name, in the case of frequently changing users' IP addresses through the Dynamic Domain Name convenient login to the network camera;
    7, user rights management: easy user management, set the user name and password can effectively protect the privacy and can be set to different user permissions to limit the privileges to operate the network camera.
    Installation of the cameras, of the network people can see real-time kindergarten monitor screen through the browser as long as the Internet anywhere in the open pages. Not only to see their children in kindergartens outside the parents can access the camera site, but also conducive to the nursery to establish the supervision of parents of kindergarten management, establish a good reputation in the nursery.

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