The Art of Conversation

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    Having the skill to converse well is the mean that distinct gentlemen who always excel in company.

    The great business in company is conversation. It should be studied as an art. The manner of saying things is important too as it adds value to what is said.

    I think the following points should be considered as an introduction to the art of conversation study. Read them and tell me what you think.

    1- The first requisite for a successful conversation is to know your company well. Know their mind and their language. Addressing people with language not understood by all of them is as bad as whispering.

    2- It is an error to suppose that conversation is only talking. A more important thing is to listen attentively.

    3- In addressing anyone in a conversation, always look at him/her and when someone talks, pay attention to him/her as well.

    4- All who speak in a conversation should be treated with equal respect and attention.

    5- The secret of succeeding in a conversation is to build your talk upon the remark of your companion. Use the language of other speakers as the basis upon which you should build your talk.

    6- If flattery is the smoothest path to success, patience is the social engine to excel. To listen, to wait and then to talk nicely are signals for a good social skill.

    7- Never ask anyone in company about a private affair which is not understood by others. If you wish to make such inquiry, always explain to others the business about which you inquire if it is allowed.

    8- If upon the entrance of a visitor you continue the conversation begun before, you should explain the subject to the new comer.

    What else can you add as main points in the study of the art of conversation? Waiting for your replies.

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