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     1, the elastic rod does not touch the contacts on the ramp shrapnel , screws loosen the elastic rod down so elastic rod rotating touch , contact, and then rotate the proper position , and tighten the screws to lock elastic rod.
    [/B] 2, the power switch is not on, power on, turn on the power switch, indicator lights red
     3, the adjustment button (VOLTAGE) at zero position, while V is also zero pointer on the table , slowly rotating clockwise adjustment button while the pointer is also rotating table V , V Table pointer should stop at 6-10V.
     4, the elastic rod shrapnel hit before contact, ending up too tight, not starting, power is more likely to produce a short circuit , hit the power switch, indicator lights green no voltage on the stretch rod screws loosen up the elastic rod loose from shrapnel Contact re-adjust elastic rod hit on contact , restart the power , elastic adjustment lever to the appropriate position.
     5 , while working down : often at work , do not care what time it is unclear pull pull the power cord , leaving the position of engagement .
     Check the foot switch, power cord plugs are not in place
     6 , after the work is completed, when the cleaning and disinfection of the tattoo machine, , the line on the machine to pull off the ( dislocation ) , thread inspection tattoo machine has no dislocation ( broken ) , looking for electricians, welding on the line
     7 , turn the power on indicator lights green jump , check plugs and foot switch plug on the power cord , there are no broken , broken may touch line ( short break ) , cut off the head , use a soldering iron , to OK!

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