BAF Review Small Business for Big Thinkers by Cynthia Kay

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    "Small Business for Big Thinkers" by Cynthia Kay is an interesting read for small business owners who want to learn how to sell to much larger businesses. Topics covered include:

    • Small business finance, for managing large contracts
    • Looking after small customers
    • Creating a workspace for your small business
    • When to love clients and when to leave them
    • Small business recruitment and employment issues
    • The Request for Proposal
    • How to make contacts and get your foot in the door
    • When not to compete.

    This book offers practical advice and tips, from someone who has been at the coalface of small business and successfully sold to much larger corporations. It is quite a relaxed read yet the information included is practical and helpful. If you want to grow your business and begin operating like a much larger concern, this book is worth a look.

    Many small business owners have a belief that large contracts are out of their reach - Cynthia Kay challenges that belief. "Small Business for Big Thinkers" explains how large businesses benefit from working with smaller suppliers and gives helpful tips on how to win and successfully deliver that business.

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