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    I've started an online store more than a year ago selling a specific product by different brands. Most of those products are not sold by others in my country, but one of them was. So when I wanted to make a second wholesale order from one of the manufacturers I was told that now there is an exclusive retailer for my country and I can only order from him (the person who was selling the product before me). But the prices he gave me were much higher than the one I got form the manufacturer. I declined the offer and brought that to the manufacturer's attention. A couple of months ago I was told by the manufacturer that the exclusive retailer is a "blocker" and that his contract would not be extended. Or in case it is extended they'll have fixed prices for retail supplies.
    Now I wrote to the manufacturer again, because I know the contract should be over and I was told they did extend it, because the exclusive retailer made a very big order.
    It's fine, but I still don't know if they have fixed prices. And if there's a big difference in the price again I'm just not paying him the difference for nothing.
    And now I don't know what to do. I really wanted to sell that product and I've invested a lot in translating texts and advertising. It sells good for me and I think it might have a potential to be a best seller.
    I think I have two choices. The first is to just give up and buy similar products from other manufacturers.
    The second is to not give up and find a way to buy the product without the exclusive retailer. I've been thinking about that and I have a friend with a company in another country who can make an order. And then sell it to my company. I'm still not %100 sure it's legal and I'll consult with a lawyer. But all countries are in EU and there is free movement of goods and services so I hope it should be fine.
    I would appreciate any comments and suggestions.

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