Requirements for small business's ERP

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    Hi there,

    I've run business of small plants for house decorating for 2 years, having 2 physical stores, 1 warehouse and 1 E-commerce website. I have a total of 14 people (including me) working for this chain of O2O stores. Here are my thoughts of why small business needs ERP and the requirements of the ERP system.

    Why small business needs ERP? In fact, all business-size need ERP system. You should think of ERP as your business's body and brain. However, ERP will cost you a lot of dollars to implement. Choose a common ERP like SAP or Dynamics, you will burn nearly thousand dollars per month for 6 staffs running ERP system (pricing per agent, I have about 6). Well, you must agree with me that it's hurt... Even OpenERP costs you about hundreds dollars per month. But when you have warehouse, you must need an Inventory control and Order Management system. And POS helps faster checkout in physical stores. That's why I choose Magestore Magento ERP, simple one-time payment ERP system, about $800 and it works perfectly.

    And what about Accounting and HR management. HR management is not a problem for any under 100-man organization. You can do all with Excel. And the fact that my accountant (there are 3 over 2 years) is utilizing Excel as their main source of Balance sheets and P&L.

    Helpdesk system (Customer service system) is only important for service company. We are a physical product provider, so any conflicts are solved using Facebook.

    This is my sharing? Do you concur with me or have anything to help me develop my business. Feel free to discuss with me.

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