Recommend a Digital Order Management System?

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by jojo212, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I work at a small marketing company and I was hoping to get some guidance in terms of finding a new order / billing system for us to use.
    I would really, really appreciate any advice you would be willing to share with me.

    Right now we handle all orders and billing entirely by hand with paperwork, and it's train wreck. I would like to solve this problem.

    Essentially, the way we currently do it is ripe for error. When we take an order, the order and the billing information is written on a paper form. The form is then handed to someone who processes it in Paypal. Then it's handed to the boss, who tacks it on his wall. Then when the book keeper comes in (twice per month), she enters it into an invoice system and files it.

    Seems simple and workable in theory, but in practice, there is way too much room for human error here, and it shows. Orders and billing information are frequently misplaced, double-charged, never charged, never invoiced, or flat-out forgotten about. We have lost a lot of money over the years as a result, and annoyed more than one client. What I want to get is a digitized system that helps us keep track of orders and billing information.

    I think there has to be a hundred products on the market that have the features I'm looking for and many more. But when I look around, I get so overwhelmed by the selection. So many of them have features that have to do with inventory, vendors, shipping, and other things that don't apply to my business at all. I was wondering if someone could recommend a good, simple, and easy-to-use order management system that has most or all of the features listed below.

    Features I'm Looking For:

    -Each client has a profile
    -Profile holds record of all orders, as well as billing information
    -Billing information is dated, so that we know what information is most recent
    -System is encrypted, so no chance of billing information being stolen
    -Some orders have recurring charge (monthly service), some are one-time
    -Orders can be categorized by type (IE: web development, advertising, design, etc.)
    -System is completely searchable by client name, order type, date, etc.
    -Can easily browse all orders, and sort them by name, date, type, etc.
    -Orders can be easily printed or exported to PDF. Bonus points if can bulk-print or bulk-export multiple orders simultaneously
    -System is password-locked
    -Bonus points if different levels of access, so that manager can access billing information while regular user can only access orders
    -Bonus points if system is cloud-based, or otherwise can be accessed via multiple users

    Do any of you use digital order management systems?
    What has been your experience with them?
    Can you recommend one that would cover most or all of the features I'm looking for?

    Again, I appreciate any advice you would be willing to share.

    Thank You Very Much,


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