Provision of services to companies in the US (outsourcing from other countries )

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    Hello dear friends. My question relates to the taxation of US companies.

    There is an idea to provide services of 3D visualization for companies involved in architecture and interior design. On the basis of outsourcing. This trend is quite in demand in the states. Many companies order rendering the guys from the CIS and get high quality results. Payment is made by the private transfers through Western Union (PayPal is not available in Ukraine and Russia). But as I understand it, in this case, the company can not record this payment as an expense accounting. And it does not receive any documents and contracts for services.

    So it is necessary to provide services to a 3D visualization.

    Opens a legal entity in Ukraine with a bank account (in this case, the transit account will go through a bank bank of new york mellon)

    1. Are there any restrictions for US companies under international cashless payments? (And specifically in Ukraine)
    2. Will the US company to write off a payment his official expenses?
    3. In general, what is the most common and comfortable way of payment for outsourcing for US companies? (Except for direct wages)

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