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    My name is Greg Warren. I am a proud Naval Veteran and aspiring small business owner at TABB Solutions Inc. I am also a Senior Procurement Specialist at GSA Applications in our Pennsylvania location.

    TABB Solutions Inc is your complete provider of web design, web hosting and complete repair for your system. We are a small business which allows us to provide premiere solutions at affordable costs to individuals or small businesses throughout the United States.

    GSA Applications-Pennsylvania has provided enterprising executives with application consulting, preparation, and submission services for almost two decades. Over the years, the company has expanded their product offering to deliver complete government marketing services including Schedule modifications, SBA, CCR, ORCA registrations, bid research and writing, news releases, email marketing, and web design services. This centrally integrated solution affords many small-businesses with specialized marketing tools that have traditionally been available only to larger companies.

    GSA Applications-Pennsylvania has formed a strategic partnership with K&J's Managed Solutions who in turn has strategic partnerships with Cisco, West Corp, OnFood, Xerox, Microsoft, Ameriquest and many other Fortune 500 companies, providing Cost Effective Managed Solutions, Savings Programs and Managing Deployments throughout the U.S. to impact their organization.

    Visit us at;; or contact me directly at [email protected]

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