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    Your written content is what creates the first and lasting impression to new and potential visitors. If your written content is incorrect in terms of its grammar or has spelling mistakes then it will appear unprofessional and create the wrong impression.

    The biggest mistakes people make within their written content, whether website content, press release, article or ebook are:
    • Spelling mistakes
    • Incorrect use of terminology or phrases
    • Grammatical mistakes
    All of which means that your content looks unprofessional, which ultimately reflects on you.


    "When distributed though the relevant channels we saw a marked increase in orders, for that particular product"

    Did you notice the errors in that one line?

    "though" should be "through" and the missing comma after "orders"

    These simple errors can be easily missed. Sometimes your brain will simply substitute the correct word into the sentence, so that it makes sense without you realising it.

    What I do

    I can proofread your content to ensure it is grammatically and structurally correct in terms of its use of the correct terminology. I will also review and amend the content so that it is conveys your desired message.

    I will then provide you with an updated proofread version which will include the relevant recommendations on how I have amended the written content.


    Just £5 per page for upto 500 words


    3-5 working days

    To order, send the following information :

    * Written content (ideally in MS Word / Notepad format or Url for website content)

    * The message your content is looking to convey (Sales/Lead generation or information)

    * Your contact email - Required to send back your proofread documents

    * Transaction ID from paypal (Paypal ID : admin(@)

    Send the information to: admin(@)

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