Closed Project Report for Whole Egg Processing and Powder Plant

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    Whole Egg Processing and Powder Plant

    Eggs are an excellent food containing many essential nutrients. Two large chicken eggs contains about 12 gm of protein, 1.2 gm of carbohydrate 11 gm of lipids and substantial amount of iron, phosphorous, vitamin A, E, K and most of the B complex vitamins.

    We can set up minimum commercially viable capacity processing 60000 eggs per day on turnkey basis. This type of plant will be operated for 20 hours a day to process 60000 eggs and producing Whole Egg Powder and Egg Shell Powder.

    Input / Output on per day basis

    Input eggs: 60000 eggs
    Total weight (each of 54 gm): 3240 kg
    Weight of edible portion (egg yolk + egg white): 2851 kg
    Weight of egg shell: 389 kg
    Output Whole Egg Powder: 700 kg
    Output Dry Egg Shell: 376 kg

    Budgetary price for Plant & Machineries of above capacity is around INR 32.50 million.

    Major Equipments: Whole Egg Processing: Collection Tanks, Transfer Pumps, Self Cleaning Filters, Chiller, Storage Tank, Transfer Pump, Homogenizer, Pasteurizer (PHE) with Holding Tube, Balance Tank, Transfer Pump, Flow Controller, Plate Heat Exchanger, Heating Device, Flow diversion valve, Holding Tube, Instrumentation and Control Panel, Pasteurized Liquid Egg Storage Tank, Transfer Pump, Interconnecting Pipes and Fittings. SPRAY DRYING SYSTEM: Spray Dryer (Supply Air Filter, Supply Air Fan, Air Heater, Supply Air Duct, Hot Air Duct, Hot Air Distribution Assembly, Feed Balance Tank, Feed Pump, On-line Filter, Pre-Heater, High Pressure Pump, SS Feed Piping, Atomiser, Drying Chamber, SS Duct, Main Cyclone, Exhaust Air Duct, Exhaust Fan, Rotary Discharge Valve) POWDER COOLING AND CONVEYING SYSTEM (Powder Cooling/Conveying Duct, Conveying Air Exhaust Duct, Conveying Air Fan, Bagging-off/Conveying Cyclone, Rotary Discharge Valve, Dehumidifier, Fire Extinguishing System, Bag Filter, Rotary Discharge Valve, Weekend Hot Air Circulation System, Vibro Sifter, Control Panel (PLC System), PLC and SCADA System For Operation Clean in Place System: Rinse, Acid cleaning, Lye Cleaning, Flushing acid or lye, Hot water treatment sterilization Egg Shell Rotary Dryer with Grinder: Air Filter, Supply Air Fan, Air Heater, Screw Feeder, Rotary Shell/Drum, Drive Assembly, Cyclone Separator, Exhaust Fan, Duct Work, Control Panel, Instrumentation Utilities: Hot water set, Steam generating set, Refrigeration unit with compression and other accessories, Air compressor

    Process: Eggs are taken from the cold storage and weighed. Dirty eggs are sent to a washing machine before they are broken. Rotten eggs are removed by candling. Egg breaking is to be done manually (continuous egg breaking & separation machines are available for higher capacity and costly). A skilled operator can break 500 to 800 eggs per hour. In the production process of whole-egg powder, whole eggs are homogenized, filtered to remove membranes and fragments of shell pieces. Pasteurization will be done at 64 to 66°C, with a holding time of 2 to 4 min. This ensures inactivation of most of the microbes such as E. coli and Salmonella which can cause ill health, if not inactivated. After pasteurization whole eggs (solids content 20 to 27%) are fed to the spray dryer. The drying-air inlet temperature ranges between 150 and 200°C. Final powder has a moisture content of 2 to 4% and bulk density of 0.3 – 0.35 g/cm³. The powder is then packed suitably after subsequent cooling.

    Proposed project goes a long way to promote poultry industry and provide rural employment. This could be the export oriented unit and can be maintained at low cost. Egg powder is widely used as food ingredients in following industries:

    • Bakeries for manufacture of cakes, biscuits and cookies
    • Confectionary products
    • Ice cream and dairy products
    • Ready to eat products and soup mixes
    • Health foods
    • Noodles and pasta products
    • Mayonnaise and soup preparations
    • Cosmetics and shampoo

    How we could serve you? Detailed Process Flow along with quotations of related machines, quotations of other equipments, Detailed Project Report, Layout & Construction Cost Estimate and related documents for sanction of project can be prepared as ‘original piece of work’. Such documents cannot be standardized for every client. We prepare above documents according to the unique needs of client. Admissible subsidy from MOFPI is 25% subject to maximum amount of INR 5 million.
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