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    We are Slice 3D

    We are a state of the Art 3D printing company offering superb quality 3D printing. We operate the Eden 350v Printer, polyjet system, which provides the ability to work with a variety of different high quality materials and substrates to create flawless, stunning 3D printing with ultra fine definition.

    The benefits of 3d Printing are:

    • Visualise your prototype in stunning 3D at a fraction of the cost of standard prototyping
    • Can be used for a wide variety of products
    • Variety of materials and colours available

    Examples of 3D printing we have completed:


    We have 2 print resolutions which are medium and ultra fine, which is 16 microns.

    We are able to produce flawless stunning 3D printing of a wide range of products such as models, jewellery as well as architectural printing.

    Our website can be found at:

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