"Picking" and packing made to order items. Need some advice.

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    Basically, my company has about 100 different designs that we put onto t-shirts. However, we make them to order because we have many different styles and sizes. Instead of pre-making all of them (we don't have the room or a system to do this since it would be TONS of different SKUs), we just make the shirts to order.

    The part of the whole process that is unorganized is preparing the shirts to ship to our customers. What we pretty much do is put all the completed shirts over a few tables (we only have about 20-30 orders a day). We take a look at our shipping labels that tell us what the customer ordered (the design style, shirt style, and shirt size). Then we look through the piles to find the right one to put into our shipping bag.

    At around Christmas time, our sales went to about 100 a day for a few days. We quickly realized that we needed a better system. Looking through the tables to find the exact shirt a customer ordered became painful. It can take a few minutes to find just one of them sometimes and we missed our cut off time to get some of our customer's shipments out the same day.

    We're a small company and just recently started so we're still learning. If anyone has any ideas on how to organize this part of the business, I'd really appreciate the help.

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