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    There are also a number of places that you can buy advertising on the internet, including:

    • Pay per click (PPC) ads
    • Banner ads
    • Direct ad buys with other websites
    • Facebook ads

    Pay per click ads are one of the most cost effective. These are the "sponsored ads" that are displayed at the top and right of the search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    The way these ads work is you only pay whenever someone actually clicks on your ad, not when it gets displayed. And the cost per click can range anywhere from a few cents to several dollars, depending on what industry you are in and what keywords you're bidding on.

    You create ad campaigns based on keywords that people who would be searching for your mortgage brokers marketing business might use to find it.

    For example, if you were in the tool rental business you might bid on some of the following keywords:

    <city name> tool rentals
    <city name> power rake rental
    <city name> sump pump rental

    …and so on.

    You can set it up so your ads will only get displayed to anyone who is actually in your city or general area, which means that even if someone in another part of the country were searching for these phrases, your ads wouldn't be displayed.

    Because you can control exactly where your ads get displayed, you can target the people who would be most likely to become potential customers very specifically.

    And while the general keyword might have a high cost-per-click, when you are bidding on the local version of it (with the city name included) the cost is generally much lower. This will depend on the size of your city and the number of competitors who are also bidding on those keywords, however.

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