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    Those of you who actually read the newsletter may have noticed that CorporateViking, a new member, won both the Member Of The Month and Most Valuable Contribution. This is because from the day he joined, he has made several helpful posts, sharing his skills and knowledge with whoever needs them, in a way that truly helps the member to whom he replies. There is no need to ask even more questions in order to get the answer to the question they asked in the first place, and when asked for a clarification, he willing gives that as well.
    This is the kind of member we need here in the forum. Not someone who parcels out short answers so the member starting the thread has to ask several follow up questions just to get the answer they need. Not members who dash off a short answer so that others can fill in the information they left out. Not members who provide outdated, inaccurate information. We need members who have the skills and knowledge to help those who need help, and who will willingly share their skills and knowledge with those who need it.
    And, if you are the one who needs help, we need your help as well. When you have a problem, or a situation where you need help, give us all the information we need, so that we can understand exactly what the problem is, or why you are asking the question, so we can give you the answer you need.
    I realize that it is not always necessary to, as the saying goes, "write a book", and sometimes a short answer, or question, is all that is needed. But, if more information will help us understand the question, or will help a member understand the answer to their question, provide it without being asked or prompted to do so. We want Business Advice Forum to be a place where those who need help know they can get the help they need, and those who provide the help have the satisfaction of knowing their advice will be followed, and appreciated.
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