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    Hello everyone, I would like endorsements on LinkedIn. I'll of course work for these endorsements. I am a trained Internet Marketer. I can possibly improve things such as:

    • Where you should be trying to rank in the search engines.
    • What kind of keywords should you be ranking for.
    • A simpler keyword strategy that won't be so daunting, probably setting you back years.
    • Added functionality to your website.
    • A heatmap to see what your customers are doing so that you can change your strategy.
    • Analytics to see where your customers are coming from,
    • Added customer support from me to guide you through the marketing process..

    ..and more.

    If anyone is interested in a free evalution, then please IM me. This is for business websites only, such as if you're a plumber, cosmetologist, etc. Some exceptions might be made.
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