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    My name is Andrew, I am composer since 2005. Let me tell you about my experience in this topic. Making the music is creative process, when inspiration is close to you or inside, melody comes. Long time ago i was just begginer, and I played with my DAW and studied it. Soon I was released 2 LP albums, than another one in conceptual electronic genre. But my needs for music formation were more than it, and i started my career of production music maker. Now I have profile page with my music just on one biggest site with royalty-free music. It's Pond5. Here is many various works, i produced, in motivational, corporate, cinematic, hip-hop, business, dramatic and other genres. Special feature of this music is gentleness and freshness. Often peoples dont know about audio-stocks, and dont know where they can gain professional melodic music for their presentations and movie backgrounds. Have Great project, but have no special music. SO, if you really need music for your projects, welcome to my page! click

    With best wishes, Andrew K. (PilotMusic)

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