Move From Shared Hosting to a VPS Hosting Plan

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    So in general what do you get when migration from shared hosting to VPS:

    You get more reliable servers that can only fail you in a couple of cases like an electrical blackout, human mistake (mostly the customer itself that has done something to cause a malfunction to his own private server or total server failure for which the chances are 1: 10000000, however it can happen!)
    Flexibility of the server – even though the virtualization software that’s used to make those private server on a physical server uses a technology that separates every server from each other yet leaves the option of adding resources at any time or demising them, depending on what the customers wants.


    The usage of the resources on that same physical server is constant or higher… What I mean by this is the resources that are given to you by the plan you have chosen can be used by anyone else but you… Even though the resources are at minimum usage and another account needs more resources as it is using the max he has available this won’t affect you at all. There is one option called BURSTABLE RAM that allows the users who have it turned on to use more RAM then they have been given by the plan for several moments, in cases of sudden traffic increase for example… This option can helps users either because of peak spikes that appear from time to time, or simply by sudden overloads that become constant and can be dealt with in that time period until you contact your provider to increase your resources permanently.

    Those were just some of the advantages of the VPS that this technology has when compared to shared hosting. If still this isn’t enough to help you decide why should you move to VPS from shared hosting read another article in our article section, The Advantages of VPS hosting and you will have more clear view on the subject.

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