Money making method can be made into $100/day 100% autopilot with coded bot

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    A website named w-w-w.s-l-i-c-e-t-h-e-p-i-e-.-c-o-m allows users to listen to music and spend 90 seconds writing a review and rating (1-10) a song. If your review is bad you get around $0.04-$0.07 per review, if it is good you will get around $0.09-$0.20 per song.

    How to get the maximum amount of money:
    (I've tested and even if you have sound OFF on your computer if you use certain KEYWORDS you will be almost certain to make over $0.12 per song!)
    - Make sure to include key musical terms such as (lyrics, bass, drums, electronic sounds, vocals, instrumentals, power, soft, rough, loud, you get the idea..)
    - Go for quality & quantity... Because you are pre-writing an article that a bot or you will just paste spend time making it GREAT and decently long. Around 5-9 GOOD QUALITY sentences.
    - Either have a bot do, or you manually SPIN YOUR ARTICLES... Doing this allows you to simply write one article and the spinner will generate thousands that are almost completely different. A very basic spinner is ezarticle spinner Google it (no download required)

    Basically a spun article re-writes words for you. So for a very basic example I could write:

    {The introduction to the song is [powerful|weak] for my taste.} {I enjoy the way the [drummer/guitarist] fits perfectly with the vocals by the singer.}

    The spinner will randomly spin it and create various options. So let's say you write 2-3 articles pre-typed to be spun in the spinner. Your output will be thousands of unique reviews you simply copy & paste (or can be preloaded into a bot)

    So if you follow the steps you should have access to thousands of reviews ready to be pasted in. The site required you to listen to each sample for 90 seconds before your allowed to click a slidebar and rate 1-10 then hit submit. So to make the most money simply take your browser and make it small to only show the small interface for rating songs then get other browsers open and have 3-4 running at the same time! Since all you need to do is paste your reviews after the 90 second wait you simply use the computer like normal and paste on the sides whenever you see the timer at 0..... OR make a simple bot.

    Quote Originally Posted by YousB View Post
    Here is a good method to put the text in there. I am using a RuneScape based (free) autotyper Just Google (Garys hood runescape autotyper)

    I paste the review I want to use into it and then set it to 3seconds. It insta types out your review on 1 second.

    130424215513.png going to add this to the main thread. If you get an auto click to pace out the reviews you can almost make a bot without even needing to code anything! Simply paste 20 different reviews into the auto typer and make it type it every 92 seconds or something, then maybe you can get an auto clicker and time clicking the rating 1-10 and clicking submit.

    Get creative here :p , I've been doing it manually so far >.< im trying to be innovative while sharing with BHW because I love BHW

    ALSO, if all the extra slicethepie accounts you make are referred the referrer gets a 10% bonus of the invited accounts earnings.
    The Numbers
    So let's say your content generates you $0.09-$0.20(can be over 20 once account has leveled up on site) per song, If you have 3 other browsers open all logged into different slicethepie accounts you will be able to review 3 songs every 90 seconds (technically you can do 4 but let's just say 3). so 3x $0.09-$0.20 is..... $0.27-$0.60 EVERY 90 SECONDS. So in one hour there is 3600 seconds so... 90/3600 = 40........ and 40x $0.27-$0.60 is $10.8-$24 PER HOUR!

    Let's just say... your are a genius programmer and are running 4 of these overnight with a bot.

    If you leave it running overnight with 4 tabs for around 10 hours you will have made... $126-260 OVERNIGHT

    But let's say your not a botter.. or can't make a bot. Let's just say while normally having your computer running you have 4 different browsers running the software minimized either on a 2nd monitor and just minimized. If while normally using your computer you have a timer go off every 90 seconds (some widget I guess) and you just paste in spun reviews of yours. Even if you only use your computer for 3 hours a day you can make $32.4-72 PER DAYThis is one of my first posts here at BHW just wanted to say I love this community, hopefully somebody learned something from this and maybe somebody can make a bot (if you can make a bot for this pm me i'd like to help in development of a bot for this)

    I hope you guys liked it sorry if it is bad. PLEASE COMMENT I WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK/TIPS/HATE/LOVE anything!
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    0 is hosted in windows server. it's showing
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    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.
    don't post this like website

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