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    Please advise with building a strong brand for website(s) related to single chronic medical condition (say chicken pox). Main audience is people aged 30-60, condition caused by bad diet, women somewhat more than men.

    I plan to launch
    1. Research blog summarising the current research, low interaction with readers, each article to cover one symptom, treatment, trigger, related conditions... branded as:
    A. single researcher, ​
    B. illness focused blog, ​
    C. healing process​
    2. Questions and answers site similar to stackoverflow where high level of member interaction is expected branded as
    A. community​

    Brand name options
    1A Individual researcher
    chicken pox desperado​
    chicken pox ninja samurai crusader warrior​
    1B Single illness portal
    chicken pox central​
    chicken pox home​
    chicken pox center​
    chicken pox research​
    1C Healing and learning process
    chicken pox ride​
    chicken pox ralley​
    chicken pox odyssey​
    chicken pox voyage​
    chicken pox journey​
    2A informal research community
    chicken pox crowd​
    chicken pox flock​
    chicken pox herd​
    chicken pox club​
    chicken pox warriors​

    I need your help with
    A. branding architecture
    1. should I run it as two sites with two separate brands (community and individual), level of crosslinking​
    2. single site with bundled brand (which one?)​
    B. the brand name itself
    C. any other ideas/options
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    Jun 16, 2011
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    The benefits of talking to a doctor early on in an illness are well-proven, with those who seek the professional care of a doctor having faster recovery times. This means that a person suffering an illness can avoid extra days missed at work, and get back on their feet quickly.
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    Dec 28, 2011
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    Hi mh586 and welcome to BAF.

    Are you saying that the options you gave are the ones you have in mind to use in branding your future blog?
    Anyway - I don't think that those options were of good idea - in my own person view.

    Your blog will talk about medical condition, (say chicken pox) and your options seems to be out of the blue. Why? Medically, the third terms you have attached to "chicken pox" are not medical related nor jargons in the medical industry.

    What I can advice you is to revise your options and use a more medically coined-terms that you can use for your brand names.

    Mark T
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