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    Small businesses have a lot to contend with these days. There are countless factors demanding their attention, and the results can be overwhelming. The end result is that vital aspects of your business and brand can often be overlooked – to your company’s detriment. And by far one of the most overlooked aspects of modern business (particularly in the mobile world) is the customer experience.

    The customer experience covers a wide range of factors, which is part of the reason it’s so easy to fall by the wayside. Fundamentally, it’s the overall experience a customer walks away with after interacting with your company or brand. And while many businesses have a few great aspects to their customer experience – strong social media, reaching out to new customers, maintaining an effective mobile presence – often the over impact can be somewhat lacking.

    The problem comes about when companies go for a cookie-cutter solution. Each small business is different from every other, with different needs and desires, strengths and weaknesses. Trying to gloss over that and force your brand and image into a model it doesn’t fit will leave your company lacking – and ultimately hurt the customer experience.

    If this seems like a lot to think about on top of all the other concerns and issues surrounding a small business, then you ignore it at your own risk. This is the digital age, where a bad review can travel the whole world a dozen times over before an irate customer has even walked out of your store. With countless websites devoted to reviewing small businesses (many of them mobile), this makes an online community that can instantly react to the pros and cons of any small business.

    The simple way to address the customer experience is to focus on what your customers are saying. Social media is a phenomenal way to get real-time reactions to new ventures and programs. If something doesn’t work, you can quickly drop it and instead enhance what actually is succeeding. Pay attention to the demographics you’re reaching, and those that you can’t seem to crack. Websites like BreMobile can offer you analytics that let you see which customers are responding well to your business plan.

    Remember, this isn’t just about selling your product: it’s about selling your company and your brand. Don’t turn every single thing into a sales pitch. Let your potential clients see the people behind the company. Personally respond to comments and questions when you’re able. Interact with your customers and create a dialogue. This dynamic will help them be personally invested in your small business and you brand, and is an easy and inexpensive way to garner serious loyalty from your clients.

    Ultimately, perfecting the customer experience is about trial and error. Some things that work well for one company are going to flop with others; it’s the nature of business, and any small business that’s going to survive needs to be able to adapt accordingly. Be open, willing, and receptive to new ideas. If your customer base is talking about a new feature or product they’d love to see, look into it. Even if you can’t give them what they want, showing you’re receptive to their suggestions and willing to try new things will increase your customer’s faith in you, and leave them coming back for more.

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